Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blog post # 1

About Me
My name is James Dunnam, I live in Mobile, Alabama and I am happily married to Tammy Dunnam. We have one son name Cameron and he is a second grader at Saint Elmo Elementary. I am originally from Mobile, Alabama and my wife is from Grand Bay, Alabama. I have  served 23 years in the U. S. Coast Guard.  We have lived all over this great country and now after retiring from the U S Coast Guard we have moved back home to Mobile.
The last two years I have been attending Bishop State Community College and I have earned an Associate of Science degree in General Education. I transferred to the University of South Alabama this semester and I am majoring in Secondary Education (Social Science). I have a passion for History and I would like to teach young minds about History and Government.

Time Management
I watched the video of Randy Pausch on Time Management and I thought that it was very informative. He talked about managing your time effectivly by setting goals, planning, and setting priorities. He emphasized that your plan can change as long as you have a plan. You can't make any changes to your plan if you do not have a plan set in place. He discussed how to make your plan work by making a to do list and organizing the list into steps such as daily, weekly, and even by semesters. I beleive that his ideas can be applied to students, teachers, and anyone else to help them make more use of their time. I also watched other videos of Randy Pausch and I discovered that he was a terminally ill cancer patient and this video was his last farewell lecture to a group of people at the University of Virginia. I was very inspired by his courage and his positive outlook on life and how he wanted to make the most out of what time he had left in this world.